(by DuoItalian)

While Italy is home to many wonderful animal species that are unique to its borders (Alpine marmots, Corsican hares, Sardinian long-eared bats, Etruscan shrews, Eurasian lynx), it is important to first memorize the animals most likely to be seen on a daily basis or at your local zoo.

Below is a beginner list of animals as introduced and taught on Duolingo. When you are confident that you have memorized these and are ready to broaden your vocabulary list of animals, visit our Animals 2 page.

(from Duolingo)
l'animale animal
il gatto cat
il cane dog
l'uccello  bird
il cavallo  horse
la scimmia  monkey
il topo mouse
il leone  lion
la formica  ant
l'orso  bear
l'ape bee
la farfalla butterfly
la mucca cow
il delfino dolphin
l'anatra duck
l'elefante  elephant
la mosca fly
l'insetto insect
lo squalo shark
il serpente snake
il ragno spider
la tigre tiger
la tartaruga turtle
la balena whale
il lupo wolf
lo zoo zoo
il toro bull
il pinguino penguin

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