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The conditional perfect (condizionale passato) is formed by combining the present conditional of the auxiliary verb avere or essere with the past participle of the acting verb.

  • Avremmo potuto ballare tutta la notte. (We could have danced all night.)
  • Avreste dovuto invitarla. (You should have invited her.)
  • Saremmo andati volentieri alla Roma. (We would gladly have gone to Rome.)
  • Sophia sarebbe andata volentieri al ristorante. (Sophia would have been happy to go to the restaurant.)

The table below contains the conditional present form of the auxiliary verbs avere and essere:

io avrei sarei
tu avresti saresti
lui, lei avrebbe sarebbe
noi avremmo saremmo
voi avreste sareste
loro avrebbero sarebbero

The conditional perfect follows the same rules in regard to avere and essere as the present, past, and future perfect.

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(from Duolingo)
sarei andatoI would have gone
sarebbe venutohe would have come
sarebbe diventatashe would have become
avrebbero capitothey would have understood
avresti vissutoyou would have lived
avrebbero sentitothey would have heard
avrebbe presohe would have taken
sarebbe statohe would have been
avremmo passatowe would have passed
avrebbe datohe would have given
avrei pensatoI would have thought
avrebbero chiestothey would have asked
avresti trovatoyou would have found
avrei lavoratoI would have worked
avresti parlatoyou would have spoken
avrei avutoI would have had
avrebbero vistathey would have seen
avrei messoI would have put
avresti portatoyou would have brought
saremmo arrivatiwe would have arrived
avrei volutoI would have wanted
avrei dettoI would have said
avresti conosciutoyou would have met
avrebbe saputohe would have known
avrebbero fattothey would have done
avremmo potutowe could have
avresti credutoyou would have believed
avrei tenutoI would have kept
avrei lasciatoI would have left
avresti usatoyou would have used
sarei ricordatoI would have remembered
sarebbe rimastashe would have remained
saresti entratoyou would have entered
avrei seguitoI would have followed
avrebbe apertohe would have opened
avrei chiamatoI would have called
sarei mortoI would have died
saremmo aspettatiwe would have waited
sarebbe piaciutohe would have liked
avrei guardatoI would have watched


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