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Italian modal verbs (verbi servili) indicate a “mode” (a necessity, a requirement, a possibility, a wish, an ability) and precede the infinitive of another verb. They are also referred to as “helper” verbs.

The most common Italian modal verbs are: dovere (to have to, must), potere (to be able to, can), and volere (to want to, would).

  • Devo andare al negozio. (I have to go to the store.)
  • Dobbiamo giocare a pallacanestro stasera. (We have to play basketball tonight.)
  • Posso vedere la luna. (I can see the moon.)
  • Potete aiutare? (Can you help?)
  • Vuoi comprare una nuova borsa? (Do you want to buy a new purse?)
  • Vogliono volare a Roma. (They want to fly to Rome.)

(from Duolingo)
possoI can
puoiyou can
puòhe can
possiamowe can
poteteyou (all) can
possonothey can
voglioI want
vuoiyou want
vuolehe wants
vogliamowe want
voleteyou (all) want
voglionothey want
devoI must
deviyou must
devehe must
dobbiamowe must
doveteyou (all) must
devonothey must


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