Vittorio Veneto Square in Ficarra, Messina (Sicily)

What is DuoItalian?
DuoItalian was designed to be a practice site and learning “complement” to Duolingo’s Italian language learning course.

How much does it cost to use DuoItalian?
There is absolutely no cost to use the site, nor are there any ads or solicitations.

I am already using Duolingo. Why do I need DuoItalian?
DuoItalian provides various resources which can greatly assist your Italian learning efforts on Duolingo, such as:

  • Structured Word Lists (with audio)
  • Additional Notes & Grammatical Explanations (in certain lessons)
  • Links to our Quizlet Page (flash cards & testing)

How do I register on the site?
There is no registration for the site, as we do not wish to manage login or password information.

How do I comment on posts?
The site is configured for you to use various Social Media login credentials (Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Reddit, Amazon).

The login icons are located at the bottom of each post. Once you are logged in, you can comment on any and all of the website posts.

Do you have a Social Media page or group affiliation?
YES! We have an Italian learning group on MeWe (The Next-Gen Social Network). Once you create a user and log into the site, simply search for a group called “Learn Italian Language” and request to join.